Fetal Medicine

Fetal Medicine

Fetal Medicine

The Fetal Medicine at Dalvi Nursing Home is providing diagnostic and therapeutic services for women with a previous history of maternal fetal conditions, as well as for women who require fetal medical intervention, due to problems with the present pregnancy. It is a comprehensive service throughout pregnancy in the diagnosis and management of all fetal conditions enabling early detection and management of fetal illnesses and abnormalities that may be harmful for the fetus or the mother during the term of pregnancy or after birth.

We provide various tests from beginning till last stage of delivery to ensure the good health of a baby such as Ultrasounds, Viability Scan, NT Scan, Anomaly Scan, Fetal Echo Cardiography, 3D-4D Fetal Anomaly Scan, Cervical Assessment, Fetal Well Being Scan, Fetal Doppler, NST, EEG, and ECG at different time periods.

Pregnancy is truly a blissful, natural process. Nevertheless, there may be complications arising during pregnancy that may put the baby’s health at risk. Therefore, every expectant mother would do well to attend this facility in order to ensure the well being of her baby and herself.

Our Doctor

Dr. Ritesh Suresh Dalvi

Consultant Radiologist & Sonologist

MD, DNB, DMRE (Gold Medalist)

+91 9892077029 / 7208044409
Monday - Saturday
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    09.00AM - 11.30AM
  • Evening
    04.00PM - 07.30PM

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